Best DIY Dog House Roofing Ideas

Best DIY Dog House Roofing Ideas


March 2, 2022

One of the most important elements of a dog house design is its roof. It has to be strong and durable so that it will keep out the rain and snow, while making your pooch feel comfortable inside their house.  

How much does it cost to have a doghouse built?

A dog house that’s built professionally can cost approximately $300, so building your own DIY dog house roofing can save you money.  

If you want to go the DIY route but you’re not sure how to start building your dog house roof, we’ve got you covered.

Read on to learn the steps to follow when building a roof for your dog house and other tips to help you make a beautiful, comfortable house for your dog.

What Features Should Doghouse Roofing Have?  

What Features Should Doghouse Roofing Have

When you want to build a doghouse for your pet, you have to ensure that it meets some important criteria. These should be considered so that you can choose the best materials for the roof and rest of the doghouse.

  • Protection against the elements. Make sure you choose the best materials that will keep your beloved dog warm and insulated against the cold but cool during the summer.
  • Security. You want your dog to feel safe and secure in your doghouse. It should therefore be large enough that they feel comfortable in it, without it being too large that it feels unsafe or leaves them exposed.

What Type Of Roofing Is Available For Your Dog House?

Just like with a house for humans, there are many roof options for your dog’s house. Let’s look at their pros and cons.


Wood is one of the most common materials to make a dog house roof. This is because wood is readily available and inexpensive. It’s also easy to work with, as you don’t require a lot of skill. 

However, if your dog likes to scratch, he or she could damage the wood over time. You also have to consider that termites can easily destroy wood. 


Plastic is an alternative to wood as it’s light, therefore easy to work with, and waterproof. It’s also resistant to pests such as termites. However, plastic lacks warmth so you might have to insulate the dog house for the winter.


If you have fiberglass, you could build a DIY doghouse out of it. This offers good insulation, so it’s an option to consider as roofing material. It’s also easy to manipulate, although cutting fiberglass can be tricky and messy.

You have to ensure you protect your eyes and wear a mask when working with fiberglass so you don’t inhale the fibers. You will also have to smooth down any sharp or jagged edges that are left behind after you’ve cut the fiberglass as these could hurt your dog. 


If you live in a region that experiences harsh weather conditions, such as hard rains and snowfall, you might want to consider building a dog house out of bricks. These also make the dog house look more expensive and luxurious.

However, make sure you’re happy with where you build it because you’ll have to tear it down if you want to move it somewhere else in future. Brick houses are great for your dog if you live in a cold region. 

What’s The Best Roofing Material For Your Dog House? 

Best DIY Dog House Roofing Ideas

If you want to ensure that the dog house is made out of natural materials, like western red cedar wood, this is advantageous because it ensures that your dog house will have more insulation during the winter.

This is something to bear in mind if you live in a very cold climate or the winters are frigid. Don’t worry that this roofing material will be too hot in the summer because it will actually keep the doghouse nice and cool. 

Another good reason why you should build your dog house with red cedar wood is that it contains oils which are repellents of pests such as termites, ticks, and fleas. 

How To Build A Dog House Roof 

How To Build A Dog House Roof

When building a roof for your dog house, a good idea is to make it triangular so that it slopes. This will prevent rain and snow from accumulating on the roof, preventing it from becoming damaged.

This roof shape is also advantageous for your dog as it will give him or her more room to stretch. But, when choosing a dog house that’s large enough, make sure it’s about  25 percent longer than your dog’s length and the width should be 10 percent longer than your dog’s length.

This ensures your dog will be able to stretch out and lie down comfortably in the dog house.

Here are the steps to follow when building a dog house roof out of wood. Note that the dimensions of the wood will vary depending on the size of the rest of the house, so bear that in mind when reading these steps.

  • Get wood pieces that are 2×2 in size, and they have 32-inch long and 20-inch wide dimensions. These are the pieces that will sit on top of the side panels of your dog’s home to produce the triangular shape you want. 
  • Then, attach a 13-inch 2×2 wood piece to the inside edges of both the front and back panels of the dog house. They should be halfway between the top and bottom of the angled side of each panel.
  • Use 1 ¼-inch wood screws for each panel. These screws should be galvanized for increased durability. 
  • The roof panels should be placed on top of the sides of the dog house. Fasten these panels to the framing pieces with the use of galvanized screws.
  • If you want to boost the strength of the roof, cover it with tar paper. You can add tiles on top of the tar paper. This will not only boost the appearance of your dog house but it will also make it more durable against the harsh elements.  
  • Once your dog house has been built, you can go ahead and paint it if you want to customize it. However, make sure that you use non-toxic paint that won’t be harmful to your dog. 

Other Tips For Building A Dog House Roof 

  • You can use a variety of materials to build your dog house roof, such as plain wood. If you’re using wood, you need to be careful if you live in a humid or damp environment. This will require you to weather-treat the wood so that it won’t rot.
  • Avoid using harmful materials. It’s not just the paint you’ll use for your dog’s house that can be toxic. There are also other roofing materials that you shouldn’t put anywhere near your dog. For example, a potentially toxic material is asphalt, which can be toxic if your pet touches it. So, if a shingle falls off the roof and breaks apart into pieces and then your dog walks over it, they will get it all over their paws. As for wood, the safest wood for your dogs is untreated plywood and softwood, instead of pressure-treated wood which you should avoid because of its chemicals. 
  • Don’t forget about installing a roof vent. This will encourage good air ventilation so that your dog won’t feel uncomfortable or overheat during hot days. It will also prevent mold from forming in the dog house. You can find outdoor vents from websites such as Amazon.
  • You should ensure that your dog house roof has an overhang. This is essential to keep snow and rain out of the house. You can easily build an overhang. Cut the roof pieces for the dog house a few inches wider than the house structure.
  • Consider increasing the length of the roof at the front to ensure a covered porch for your pooch. This gives them a spot to rest in the shade on hot days. A flat roof is ideal for this design. If you’ve got an A-frame or other design for your dog house, you could create a porch effect in other ways that are easier to accomplish, such as with an awning. 

What Dog House Style Should You Consider? 

Best DIY Dog House

Do you want something practical or luxurious for your dog house? Here are some styles to consider.

Traditional Dog House

This is a simple, basic dog house design. It has a peaked roof, arched opening, and overhanging eaves. It is easy to build, so you don’t need a lot of DIY skill or experience before tackling this project. 

A-Frame Dog House

An A-frame adds a more elegant element to your dog house. It’s basically in the shape of a triangle, which reduces the interior space of the dog house, but it’s easy to build and it’s resistant to harsh weather.

Pallet Dog House

This is made out of wooden pallets that are cut evenly so you can attach them to horizontal braces with the use of wood screws or nails. You can use the wood pallets for the entire house, including the roof. You should cover the pallet roof with plywood to give it extra durability and keep out the rain.

Modern Dog House

Best DIY Dog House Roofing Ideas

If you want something a little fun and trendy for your beloved pooch, a modern design has a flat roof. This can be completely horizontal or it can have a slant in one direction. Just be careful when choosing this dog house design because the flat roof will collect water, so it requires vigilance and regular maintenance. 

Luxury Log Cabin

If you want your dog house to look even more luxurious, use beveled wood to make it look like a log cabin. Fit it with comfortable accessories, such as pillows and blankets to make it a sanctuary for Fido when he’s tired of playing ball in the garden.

Green Roof Dog House

If you love the idea of building a luxurious abode for your dog, you might consider one with a green, or living, roof.

How this works is that you will have plants on the roof of the house, therefore helping to maintain a comfortable temperature inside it. 

  • Stick some roofing felt to the roof. 
  • Make a barrier with 1x4s so that the soil will remain in place around the edges of the roof. 
  • Fill the roof with some well-draining soil and staple some chicken wire over the soil. 
  • When planting your plants on the roof, make sure you push their roots between the holes in the wire. If your roof is at an angle, use wooden stakes to keep them securely in place. 
  • To make the green roof look complete, plant some moss between the plants. 
  • Remember: make sure that you plant flowers and plants that aren’t toxic to dogs! 

Related Questions 

How do you get your dog to like their dog house?

It’s easier to get dogs to like being in a dog house when they are puppies. You can, however, train your adult dog to use a dog house by throwing treats in the house and praising your dog a lot when they go get them.

How can you add skylights to your dog’s house?

If you want a skylight in your doghouse roof, cut out a rectangular shape from the roof. Use quality plexiglass and fit it into the window frame.


You don’t have to purchase a dog house from the store. You can make your own, therefore ensuring you can customize it to your dog’s size and make it look great.

In this guide, we’ve looked at what you need to know when building a roof for your dog’s house, featuring important tips and advice as well as the best roofing materials to consider.



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